New Pieces

Last October I had the chance to visit the Spade Ranch in Canadian Texas and observe how the Texas Cowboys do their thing.  Jason is the Ranch Foreman and  heck of a roper.  Now he’s a friend. His Daughter Katie, snagged this painting for posterities sake and I’m truly honored for that.


16 x 20


Dale and Kathy Ashcroft too me to a great spot in the Teton Park a few years ago where this old driftwood snag pushed upon the Snake River.  “They sore me to secrecy and I took a blood oath not to disclose the whereabouts on Schwabacher Flats landing”  That sparked the idea for the painting and the I thought of the Great Teddy Roosevelt on his 1890 expedition to North West Wyoming.  Teddy is considered the father of conservation and we are indebted to his foresight securing places like this to enjoy. Scottsdale Art Auction is going to offer this piece in April.

Too Good to be True

26 x 40


I put this one together from a trip to Glacier Park a few years ago.  During a hike I noticed all these boulders turned and dug up from a Grizzly looking excavation work.  Later that day I had a close call with a mother grizzly and three cubs that I didn’t even know happened.  The lord was watching over me that day.


Now you See Me

16 x 24