Legendary Cowboy Artists of America Brings Their Annual Workshop to Utah

CACHE VALLEY, UTAH – The longest-running artist group in history brings their expertise and experience to the American West Heritage Center in picturesque Wellsville, Utah to teach and support aspiring artists.

The Cowboy Artists of America was founded with five artists over five decades ago and flourished into an elite organization that has become one of the most influential artist groups in American history. The art produced by members over the years set the standard for contemporary western realism, and is represented in prestigious public and private collections around the world. The opportunity for local artists to learn art principles and refine techniques from such esteemed professionals is rare since this workshop has mostly taken place in Texas and other remote locations over the years.

The three-day workshop, June 20-22, 2019, will be held at the American West Heritage Center nestled under the Wellsville mountains of Cache Valley where there is plenty of inspiration for western themes of landscape, historic buildings, fixtures, livestock, and models in authentic dress. Instruction will be given by Grant Redden from Evanston Wyoming, Chad Poppleton from Hyrum, Utah, Bruce Greene from Clifton, Texas, Loren Entz from Billings, Montana, Jason Scull from Kerrville, Texas, and Clark Kelley Price from Star Valley, Wyoming.

The Cowboy Artists of America are deeply committed to art education and give demonstrations and presentations at museums, educational institutions and various other venues around the country. A percentage of their annual show proceeds benefits their non-profit organization, the Joe Beeler Foundation, which funds their educational efforts, including this workshop, and offers scholarships to aspiring artists (available for application to this workshop).

For registration, scholarship application, accommodations, newsletter subscription, and more information about the Cowboy Artists of America and the Joe Beeler Foundation, go to cowboyartistsofamerica.com, or send me an email at cpoppleton@gmail.com.