Behind the Scenes –


I rope any chance I can get, roping has a long history and has become a big part of my life.  When Ranches were settled in the West and Cattle were introduced, roping cattle created ways for the cowboy to safely treat an injured member of the herd and also allow branding of herds.  Team Roping requires close cooperation and timing between two highly skilled ropers – a header and a heeler – and their horses. It is one of rodeos timed-events, similar to barrel racing, steer wrestling, and tie-down roping.

The header and heeler start in their respective boxes. Before leaving, the steer must be given a head start, determined by a rope, known as a “barrier.” After the header ropes the steer, they make several wraps of the rope around the horn of their saddle, called a dally, to secure the steer and turn him to the left. Turning the steer to the left opens it up for the heeler to catch the steer’s hind legs.

Team roping is one of the several rodeo events that directly evolved from cowboys’ ranch duties. Prideful cowboys would boast about how quickly they were able to complete this task, ultimately leading to informal competitions.  Thus this sport was created.  Thanks to  for these great action shots, at the Hyrum Spangled Rodeo 2021. (and my beautiful wife Amy for letting me rope,  and my roping partner Kyle)